Critical Spare Parts of a Commercial Kitchen Combination Oven


Every commercial kitchen needs a combination oven due to its convenience and efficiency. However, the ranges are prone to wear and tear since they are some of the most overused appliances in commercial kitchens, leading to sub-optimal performance. It is the reason a commercial kitchen must have spare parts on hand in case of malfunctions. This article highlights essential spares to keep for a combination oven. Oven Door Gasket

14 January 2022

Top 3 Benefits of Using a Wood Heater


As the cold months set in, it is crucial to think about how you will keep your loved ones warm throughout the season. One of the reliable sources of heat you can consider for your home is a wood heater. Wood heaters are a great alternative to the usual central heating systems — they can also meet your heating requirements. All you need to do is buy the appliance that's designed to burn wood fuel in a sealed fire chamber and place it in the desired room.

4 November 2019

4 Reasons Your Espresso Is Dispensing Too Slowly


If you want your coffee shop to be successful, you need to make sure your La Marzocco coffee machines are dispensing at the right speed. The optimal espresso extraction time for a single measure of coffee is around 30 seconds. If your machine dispenses slower than that, the espressos you serve will taste bitter. On top of that, your customers will have a longer wait time. Few customers will want to return to a coffee shop that makes them wait for a bad drink, so take a look at these 4 possible causes (and solutions) if your coffee machine is dispensing too slowly.

9 August 2018

4 Steps to Take If Your Dishwasher Produces an Unpleasant Smell


Dishwashers are a great labour-saving appliance that should return your dishes and utensils looking clean and shiny, so it can be a little disconcerting when you notice an unpleasant smell emanating from your machine. If you want to avoid the need for dishwasher repair and keep everything smelling nice and fresh, here are just four things you should do. 1. Find and Clean the Filter If your dishwasher is starting to smell a little ripe, the most likely culprit is a clogged filter.

25 April 2018

6 Tips for Reducing Humidity in Your Bakery Case


A refrigerated display case is essential if you have a bakery, but, unfortunately, some cakes may end up appearing to sweat in the case. That is not appetising. It can affect the quality of your cakes and even make customers less likely to buy. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reduce the humidity in your bakery case. 1. Buy a Case With Humidity Controls All refrigerated cake display cabinets have temperature controls, but some also offer humidity controls.

30 October 2017

3 Helpful Tips When Replacing a Freezer Lid Gasket


An old lid gasket on a freezer can allow condensation to form inside the freezer. This can result in the formation of ice on the food that you have stored. It can also increase the energy consumption of the freezer since cold air will be escaping from the interior of that freezer. It is therefore advisable to replace that old gasket as soon as you notice that it is defective. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should keep in mind during that repair so that nothing goes amiss.

11 July 2017

Don't Overlook These Important Tips for Fire Safety at Home


Don't assume that a fire could never break out at your home; home fires are rare, but they do happen, and they can be devastating as well as downright deadly. Note a few important tips that are easy to overlook when it comes to fire safety in your home, so you know you're always doing what you can to protect your property and your family from the risk of a fire.

15 June 2017

A Few Tips for Maintaining Your Sewing Machine or Overlocker


If you have a sewing machine or overlocker that you use regularly at home, you need to ensure you maintain it properly; a sewing machine or overlocker will have lots of moving parts that can easily break or get out of position, causing the machine to then shut down. While a quality machine may work for many years before one of its parts break, the way you maintain the machine can also affect its condition and longevity.

13 June 2017