6 Tips for Reducing Humidity in Your Bakery Case


A refrigerated display case is essential if you have a bakery, but, unfortunately, some cakes may end up appearing to sweat in the case. That is not appetising. It can affect the quality of your cakes and even make customers less likely to buy. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reduce the humidity in your bakery case.

1. Buy a Case With Humidity Controls

All refrigerated cake display cabinets have temperature controls, but some also offer humidity controls. If your current case is having a lot of issues, you may want to look for this feature when you upgrade to a new case.

2. Don't Put Hot Cakes in the Display Case

Humidity occurs when warm air hits cold air and creates droplets of moisture. If you put piping hot baked goods into your display case, that can increase the amount of condensation in the case. Instead, wait until baked goods are at room temperature and then, put them in the display case.

3. Play With the Vents

If your cake display case doesn't have humidity controls, it may have vents. Play with the vents until you get the humidity levels you want. There is no right or wrong approach to venting—it truly depends on what's in your case, the temperature outside your case and other factors. After testing a few different vent positions, you should be able to find the one that works the best for you.

4. Add Some Soda Bicarbonate

An open box of soda bicarbonate placed in your display case can also help to reduce humidity levels, eliminate condensation and prevent the appearance of "sweating" cakes. This powder absorbs excess moisture in the case. Place it in an unobtrusive spot, and replace it every few months.

5. Consider Boxing Baked Goods  

Putting baked goods in a box can help to protect them from excess humidity. Consider only putting one or two items on display and then boxing the rest of the cakes or pastries for sale.

6. Limit Opening and Closing the Case in Hot Weather

If it's really hot in your bakery, your refrigerated display case will get a burst of hot air every time you open the doors. To prevent this, try to open your case less often. Alternatively, try to cool down your bakery more so that the air outside the case is closer to the temp inside the case.


30 October 2017

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