Critical Spare Parts of a Commercial Kitchen Combination Oven


Every commercial kitchen needs a combination oven due to its convenience and efficiency. However, the ranges are prone to wear and tear since they are some of the most overused appliances in commercial kitchens, leading to sub-optimal performance. It is the reason a commercial kitchen must have spare parts on hand in case of malfunctions. This article highlights essential spares to keep for a combination oven.

Oven Door Gasket

A combination oven door gasket is critical to operation. Notably, a gasket retains heat and steam within the cooking chamber, ensuring faster and more efficient cooking. Therefore, you should adequately maintain a door gasket to promote longevity and maintain optimal performance. However, constant opening and closing of a combi oven door in a commercial kitchen can lead to premature wear and tear. Unfortunately, when you have a faulty door gasket, most of the food you prepare will be undercooked. Furthermore, worn oven seals often result in energy wastage and gas leaks. Buying spares for a combination oven door gasket allows you to replace worn-out seals as and when necessary. The best part is that some oven door gaskets are universal and fit most combi ovens.

Oven Doorhandle

As mentioned earlier, a busy commercial kitchen can take a toll on a combi oven as cooks constantly open and close it throughout the day and night. While some cooks use less energy on the handle when opening and closing an oven door, others use a lot of force. Over time, the constant operation can put a toll on the door handle, and it might break or dislodge from its socket. Since operating a combi oven without a handle is impossible, immediate replacement is critical to kitchen operations. Therefore, it is advisable to buy several spare door handles for easy replacement. It prevents delays and ensures that kitchen operations proceed uninterrupted.

Water Level Sensor

When steaming food with a combi oven, you need the storage tank to have enough water. Most importantly, you must know the water level in the inbuilt water storage tank before you start steaming your food ds. A water level sensor indicates the amount of water in the tank, allowing you to refill as required. If the sensor malfunctions, the steaming function fails, which is the last thing you want to happen in a commercial kitchen. By replacing a faulty water level sensor with a spare, you do not have to worry about inadequate water in the storage tank.

For more information, reach out to a company that supplies appliance spare parts, such as Smeg or Westinghouse spare parts.


14 January 2022

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